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What is 2 Way Live Stream Yoga?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Two way live stream yoga classes are a convenient option for practicing yoga from wherever you are with an internet connection. These classes are NOT pre-recorded, static or impersonal which can be a downside of other remote class options.

“Two way live stream” means that an event is live and cameras create a kind of virtual portal between one place and another…Think Facetime, Zoom, or Skype here. Two way live stream yoga then, is where a teacher opens a “digital portal” between their studio and a student’s preferred practice space. The future is NOW!

Tired of that drive between your house and the studio?

Problem solved. 2 way live stream yoga allows for maximum convenience without losing the personal connection and accountability that comes from practicing with others. No commute at all is nice. Feel like melting into your floor for an hour after savasana? No problem, just do it.

Do you want to feel seen?

Most 2 way live stream yoga platforms give students the option to turn their video/and or audio on or off depending on personal preference. There is certainly benefit from being seen by your instructor who can give you alignment cues based on what they are seeing, however sometimes you may want to participate with your video off for whatever the reason. All good here, you the student are in control.

Where you live doesn’t matter.

Do you want to practice with an instructor based in LA? New York? India? Paris? With 2 way live stream yoga the illusion of physical space disappears and connects you across states, countries or continents. Maybe you are traveling and have a hard time keeping up with your yoga. 2 way live stream yoga to the rescue! It’s a pretty cool innovation of our time, right?

How many other students will be in class?

Class size really depends. Some popular formats cap the class size around 6-8 so that there can be a lot of very personal cues given by the instructor. Maybe they even call you by name as they give tips. Other popular formats can have 20, 50 or even hundreds of participants but in those cases it is going to be harder for an instructor to connect 1:1 with individual students. Each format allows for different benefits and has it’s own shortcomings. Any class size can have a related social media private group where students can have a community and container for accountability, connection and sharing.

Can I receive physical alignments and adjustments?

No. The instructor is not physically in the room with you so 2 way live stream yoga, like pre-recorded classes does not involve physical touch from your instructor. Instead, verbal cues are used to help students along their yoga journey. In some cases no touch can be a plus and make students more comfortable. Let’s be real…Unfortunately some creepy, student groping yoga instructors are out there in the physical spaces but in 2 way live stream yoga, this potential invasion of your personal space is fully avoided.

Will there be music playing?

Sometimes, yes. It really depends on how the instructor formats the class. These days in addition to guiding yoga practices, instructors often link classes up with music of their choosing which can be awesome if students are into the playlist. This can sometimes be less ideal if students don’t like the music. Often 2 way live stream yoga classes will be music free and leave the role of DJ up to the student, while others may provide the jams for your good vibes.

What if I need to leave early?

While is best to stay for a full class to maximize benefits, in 2 way live stream yoga students can stop at any point and go back to life emergencies or urgencies. Sometimes even a few minutes of practice and connection is better than nothing.

Is it all or nothing? Do I have to “convert”?

Given all of the different formats yoga classes take these days, students can practice in a variety of formats, styles, etc. from one day to another. This flexibility is an amazing opportunity to customize around your life and make your practice your own. Many students who participate in 2 way live stream yoga may also still go to a physical yoga studio sometimes, have private instruction live or digitally, or engage with a pre-recorded video program of a great class. Mixing it up can keep your practice exciting and allow for community building across diverse groups.

Shortlist Pros:

  • Convenient

  • On your terms

  • Community connection

  • Accountability & support

  • Limitless teacher options

  • Limitless style options

  • No touch

  • No commute

  • Your animal may join you

Shortlist Cons:

  • No physical connection

  • No touch

  • If your internet goes down, class is over

  • If you get hurt, you might be on your own

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