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Moving from Me to We

For a while in my 20's I was hell bent on trying to save the world with big ideas and various flavors of mania. I felt like the responsibility was on my shoulders and if I didn't step up and awaken into my power without missing a beat, the whole thing might collapse in on itself. I was GO GO GO all the time doing important work. I had a sense of self-importance and narcissism that was honestly quite tough to own up to, let alone let go of.

The "I'm Special" and here to transform the world attitude is both common and naive. This hubris is typically beaten out of us eventually somewhere in our late 20's or early 30's as the sheer weight of the world becomes more obvious around the time of our first Saturn return. If you were in that ego inflated place for awhile or are maybe still there, let yourself off the hook. It is par for the course. But also... Do what you need to get over yourself.

If we drill down into the "I'm Special", or "chosen one complex" it often comes down to the fact that we want to feel significant. Sit with that one. How important is it for you to feel significant? Bring to your attention whatever project you are working on: A book, a retreat center, a new business, etc. Now consider that the world will still go on in the same trajectory if you are suddenly hit by a truck on your way home and those dreams never come to fruition. More than likely YOU will be forgotten completely within a few generations.

This is actually good news. It means that while it IS important for you to do all of those things that make you feel alive and on purpose, helping to transform the world in your own unique way, there are 7 billion of us. You are a drop of water in the ocean. The world transforms when WE wake up and grow up together; when we stop focusing on ME and what and one "I" will do.

It can be argued that there are a handful of truly significant people sprinkled throughout the pages of history but even those people could be thought of as the tip of the spear for whatever movement that came in the wake of their accomplishments or way of being in the world.

Maybe I'm still naive to think that WE could be living in a time where we get over our individual senses of inflated self importance and manifest a way of being aligned with mature awakening. Time will tell but step one seems pretty clear:

Get over yourself;)

Stop with the ME and step into the WE.

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