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Embodied Active Meditations

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

I found myself with my hair down tonight, chopping dense, tough Chinese ginseng herbs with bolt cutters in my living room. My pitbull snored loudly at my side. I was a bit bummed that an Amazon delivery guy didn't roll by to wonder WTF is this guy doing?

You see... My wife needed 6 grams of this stuff to concoct a new batch of one of our favorite teas that she learned how to brew during her masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Prior to this herb chopping absurdity I was feeling stressed and drained from a weeks worth of work crammed into 3 days pre-Thanksgiving and the holiday season kickoff.

The interesting gem for me in this endeavor was the total mindshift after roughly 15 minutes of a seemingly mundane and repetitive task. How was it that I started off feeling stressed and drained but finished feeling present, energized and overall in a better mood?

Breaking it down...

1) I got into my body

2) I focused my attention intensively on a repetitive tactile task.

3) A bit of risk was involved (keeping me present)

....Given that the ginseng pieces are about the size and thickness of my fingers and just barely fit the max opening capacity of these bolt cutters, I needed to be extremely mindful otherwise I might mistakenly chop a finger (interrogation style) rather than the plant I'm working with....

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