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Unflattering Mirrors

Do you have a person or some people in your life with enough guts to hold up an unflattering or uncomfortable mirror to let you see clearly some of the stupid shit you are doing that's holding you back? From my experience, many people don't and if they do it might not be the most strategic or best person for the job.

It's easy to see what we want to see in ourselves as if we have a magic mirror with built in photo enhancement technology. It's reassuring to feel validated when our buddies or family members go along with us for the charade, propping us up, often sugar coating or avoiding all together what might be difficult or painful truths we need to hear or see to take our lives to the next level. It is comfortable to keep on doing the same behaviors that we've always done and telling ourselves the same stories that we have grown to accept as "just the way we are".

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