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Light Workers

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Are you in the process of waking up to your authentic nature and/or helping others do the same? Are you getting the sleepy, dreamy glaze out of your eyes and doing your part to bring some harmony and clarity to the chaos and fear in yourself and the people around you?

You might be a light worker.

If so, are you out of the closet and clear about it? Are you living freely, consistently doing your version of inner work, engaged in community and using your authentic voice yet? Or are you still hiding out, hitting the snooze button and feeding fear? 

The term light worker gets thrown around so it's important to understand what it is, and is not. It carries some baggage for sure, but overall is a useful concept to understand. I'll give a running definition here after chewing on this one and having many late night chats with my wife in an attempt untangle the essence.

What is a light worker?

Light workers are people who feel that they are ultimately here to help raise consciousness on the planet as an act of service.

They typically see themselves and all others as spiritual energetic beings (or one being) experiencing themselves (itself) in temporary physical forms. They aim to bring their heart’s love and light where they see pain and darkness. They work to help bring themselves and those around them into greater balance with the natural harmony inherent in the universe in small or large ways.

...I know some eyes just rolled and others gagged maybe. It’s fine. I had this reaction for a long time and thought people like that seemed fake. Like in everything, there are phony con artist types or egomaniac narcissists missing the mark, mucking up the "spiritual" scene - but authentic ones exist too.

PLEASE note that even though the term light worker has light as the first word, any mature light worker has gone through and looked at their own deep darkness, transmuting their pain or at least taking ownership of it rather than bypassing in some holier than thou way. Eventually they will have dropped their victim stories as well. If they think that everything is sunshine and rainbows or try to bypass the grit and grime knit into the yin and yang nature of things, they have a lot more work to do. Light workers who don’t deal with their shadow side (we all have one) are dangerous.

Being a light worker is a kind of calling from the heart that can feel like a higher purpose or North Star. Anyone has the capacity to be a light worker. There is no "chosen one". We don't need gurus, just normal people to step up where and how they feel called. Light workers do not fall into a particular religious denomination, though most light workers would call themselves spiritual, but uncoupled from dogmas. These people really care a lot and have big hearts. They have direct spiritual experiences. Some light workers turn this calling into a career, while others carry the essence forward regardless of whether they find some way to make a living out of it. Many struggle around whether it is ethical to monetize any kind of spiritual work.

Light workers can express and embody their gifts in a range of ways. It’s not a one size fits all calling. Some light workers might feel like spiritual midwives of sorts helping to bring humans from a caterpillar like state, through a cocoon state and finally into some kind of new butterfly state. Their work may not manifest as a full time gig per se but show up more on an as needed basis. They might make themselves available but without a need to aggressively seek to be a change agent.

A mature light worker understands that there is a bigger process already in motion and although they can help to facilitate a smooth transition within their field of influence, the process is going on with or without their actions. It's about faith, patience, modeling how to better show up in the world and making oneself available to help others who would like to do the same.

The light worker sees that they are part of a greater whole, working together to move us into wherever we are going as a species. They have not "arrived" anywhere but are doing their part to move us all in a better direction. Knowing that there are others going through their own awakening process and exploring what it looks like to shine their light helps a lot in mustering up the courage to start to shine our own light in our lives, do the work and answer the call.

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