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Light Workers

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Where my fellow light workers at? Are you working on waking up and getting the sleepy glaze outta your eyes?

What are light workers? 

Are you one of them?

If yes are you out of the closet about it, living freely and using your authentic voice yet? Still hiding out? This post is edgy for me and makes me feel uncomfortable, as like many of you, I am finding my voice and place in it all. It's a very exciting yet vulnerable time.

The term Light Worker gets thrown around in various new age communities and carries some baggage for sure, but overall is a useful concept to understand. I'll give my definition here after chewing on this one for years and having many late night talks with my wife.

Light workers are people who feel that they are ultimately here to help raise consciousness on the planet, bring love and light where there is darkness and help bring humans into greater balance with the natural harmony inherent in the universe. I know eyes just rolled and others gagged maybe. All good. I had this reaction for a long time.

Note that even though the term has light as the first word, any mature light worker has gone through their own deep darkness. If they think everything is sunshine and rainbows, they have a lot more work to do.

Some light workers might even feel like spiritual midwives of sorts who are here to help bring humans from a caterpillar like state, through a cocoon state to a butterfly state. Their work may be on an as needed basis but otherwise they try to stay out of the way of a bigger process already in motion.

Being a light worker is a kind of calling from the heart that can feel like a higher purpose. Putting words to it sounds somehow lame or inauthentic but in truth these people really care a lot and have big hearts. Some light workers turn this calling into some kind of career, while others carry the message forward regardless of whether they find some way to make a living out of it.

For some, the idea of a Light Worker may not match up with their belief system or narrative as light workers do not fall into a particular religious denomination, though most light workers would call themselves spiritual. For many light workers, this calling doesn't fit well into their own initial belief system so their work must start here to resolve the dissonance within themselves in order to pave their own path.

The light worker sees that they are part of a greater whole, working together to move us into wherever we are going. Knowing that there are others out there helps a lot.


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