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Simple SIFT Meditation

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Bringing our attention into the present moment doesn't have to be complex.

We often have so much going on that we can lose track of ourselves. If you notice that your head is stuck in the past or future, take a few minutes to sit down, sift through that mind chatter and check in with yourself.

Step 1: Body Alignment

This S.I.F.T. mediation works best if you can sit down either in a chair or on the ground doing your best to sit up tall. 

Step 2: Turn Inward

Close your eyes and take a few breaths in and a few breaths out. 

Step 3: Sensations

Bring your awareness to your body. Notice if you are experiencing any sensations. Any stiffness? Any pain? Feeling loose or sore? Are you able to sit up tall with ease or do you find yourself slumping over? Are you hungry? Sleepy? What is your body telling you? Can you smell anything? Hear anything? Is there a certain taste in your mouth?

Step 4: Images

Shift your awareness to anything you can "see" with your eyes closed. Are there any images that you notice? Don't try too hard if you don't see anything, that's ok too.

Step 5: Feelings

Bring your attention to your emotions and/or feelings. What is present? Do you notice joy, fear, anger, sadness? Allow yourself to suspend judgement and just be with whatever comes to you. 

Step 6: Thoughts

Shift your focus now to your mind. Notice what thoughts are grabbing your attention. Something you forgot to add to a to-do list? Someone you are lusting over? A problem that you've been trying to solve? What is the nature of the thoughts? Are they from the past? The future? 

Step 7: Let Go

Now see if you can let go of those sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts and just bring your attention to your breath for a few cycles. 

Step 8: Come Back

Open your eyes slowly letting in the light. Notice if you feel any different. 

That's it.

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