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Chakra 3 - Confidence & Our Work

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Chakra 3 is traditionally called Manipura in the yogic tradition. Manipura translates from Sanskrit to English as "city of jewels". This energy/power center is located at the navel/ abdomen region.


This energy center acts as our center of confidence, personal honor and endurance. It deals with the reputation that we create through our actions and the work that we do in the world large and small.

Signs of balance:

  • Confidence  

  • Endurance through challenges

  • Stamina

  • Pride in our work

  • Doing what we say we will do

  • Going toward what we want

  • Healthy risk taking

  • Pursuing bold leadership opportunities

  • Being Reliable

  • Having Self Discipline

Out of balance red flags:

  • Excessive SHAME (We feel like we are bad)

  • Poor self confidence

  • Weak abdominal region

  • Getting exhausted frequently

  • Hesitation

  • Typically not taking the lead on projects or initiatives

  • Allowing obstacles to stop us from the results we want

  • Feeling like an imposter

  • Digestive troubles

  • Feeling like a victim

  • Arrogant rather than confident

Navel chakra affirmations:

"I have confidence in myself". 

"My best is enough". 

"I am a good person".

"Life asks for my best, and I deliver".

"I am strong and reliable".

Practices focused on this energy center:

  • Setting weekly goals with a partner and keeping each other accountable

  • Core work on abdominals

  • Twisting yoga poses

  • Practicing good posture

  • Practicing being on time

  • Practicing keeping eye contact during interactions

  • Slack Lining

  • Gaining mastery over a certain skill

  • Humility

Questions to gain insight on this energy center:

  • How confident do you think you are?

  • How often do you feel in your power?

  • What are you ashamed of?

  • Are you bad?

  • How reliable would your friends say you are?

  • What do you think is the difference between confidence and arrogance?

  • Are you a person of your word?

  • How do you act at work when your manager isn't looking?

  • Are you proud of the work you are doing in the world?

  • What do you need to transform in your life?

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