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Chakra 1 - Foundation

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Muladhara translates from Sanskrit to English as root support. This energy/power center sits at the base of the spine, acting as a foundation/structural support for our life and our sense of having a right to be alive. 

Concretely, the chief function of this chakra relates to self preservation and related topics like diet, sleep, safety and security. 

Signs of balance:

  • Sense of being grounded 

  • Inner Calm

  • Trust

  • Inner stability

  • Overall physical wellness

  • Financially sober and secure

Out of balance red flags:

  • Excessive FEAR

  • Our health suffers

  • Lack of grounding - inability to complete projects

  • Uncomfortable in our bodies

  • Mistrust for the others and the world

  • Feeling unsafe or insecure physically, financially, etc

  • Difficulties relaxing

  • Feeling unstable

  • Feeling "manic"

Root chakra affirmation: 

"I am safe and secure. My body and the earth support me. I relax into my abundance".

Practices focused on this energy center:

  • Walks in nature, with bare feet where possible

  • Yoga poses or workouts that strengthen the legs, feet, and pelvic floor

  • Eating heavy food

  • Gardening

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Physical work in general 

  • Massage

Questions to gain insight on this energy center:

  • How's your health?

  • How's your fitness?

  • How much sleep are you getting?

  • How rested are you feeling in the morning?

  • How's your family life?

  • Describe the level of stability in your home situation.

  • Describe your relationship to your money and money in general.

  • How are you showing financial sobriety in your life?

  • How often are you experiencing anxiety or fear this week?

  • What do you do to relax?

This energy center also deals with our tribal programing and the belief system we were raised with. Once we get out on our own, a person on a path of self discovery and development may "outgrow" some or many of the beliefs, views on the world, etc that held growing up. This is natural but can feel confusing and ungrounding. Shifting these fundamental core beliefs takes time and patience. The process can not be rushed.

For more depth on practical applications to the chakras check out Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith.

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