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Chakra 5 - Expression, Authenticity & Truth

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Chakra 5 is traditionally called Vishuddha in the yogic tradition. Vishuddha translates from Sanskrit to English as "especially pure" or could be thought of as speaking our truth. This energy/power center is located in the throat.

This energy center acts as our center of authentic expression. It deals with what truth or lies we are letting come out of our mouths.

Signs of balance:

  • Willingness to say what we mean even if it is unpopular  

  • Ability to communicate clearly

  • Speaking our truth and having conversations beyond surface level

  • Feeling like we are living our lives authentically, rather than "living someone else's life"

  • Using our voice to speak out against injustice

  • Singing feels natural

  • Ability to express our feelings outwardly

  • Seeking out the truth in our day to day interactions

Out of balance red flags:

  • Excessive telling of LIES

  • Prone to gossip or talking smack

  • Inability to communicate clearly

  • Fear of public speaking or talking in meetings

  • Aversion to hear recordings of ourselves talking

  • Consuming information coming from questionable sources

  • Consuming content littered with hating on a certain people or groups of people

Throat chakra affirmations:

"I speak my truth". 

"I seek the truth".

"I express myself freely". 

"It feels good to be authentic".

"My throat is open".

Practices focused on this energy center:

  • Being aware of our conversations that move into gossip or taking smack and trying to navigate out of them

  • Seeing how long we can go in a day before telling a lie big or small

  • Singing

  • Talking about something really important to us that might be vulnerable

  • Taking conversations beyond surface level

  • Blogging

  • Journaling

Questions to gain insight on this energy center:

  • How often are you lying day to day?

  • What are you lying about and to who?

  • What topics are you staying silent on that you wish you could speak up about?

  • How did you do in your last pubic speaking or meeting that you participated in?

  • When do you speak up?

  • In what ways are you expressing your creativity?

  • How does the way you express your self look different than your parents expressing themselves? How does it look the same?

  • What could you do to feel more expressed?

  • Look through your social media postings from the past week or so - what themes are you expressing to your audience? Look through your social media postings from the past week or so - what themes are you express

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