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Chakra 2 - Pleasure

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Chakra 2 is traditionally called Svadhisthana in the yogic tradition. Svadhisthana translates from Sanskrit to English as "where your being is established". This energy/power center is located in the lower abdomen/sacrum region. For those not keenly aware of human anatomy, the sacrum is the bone (actually 5 fused vertebrae) resembling the body of a stingray in between the hips. The sacrum sits atop the tiny coccyx (tailbone) which is the formal base of the spine. 

This energy center acts as our center of creativity, of flow and movement, desire, pleasure and fun.

Signs of balance:

  • Ability to embrace pleasure 

  • Creativity flowing

  • Ability to embrace change

  • Grace in our movement

  • Healthy relationship to fun

  • Clarity about what we want

Out of balance red flags:

  • Excessive GUILT (We feel bad for...)

  • Sexual problems or dysfunctions

  • Denial of pleasure

  • Body feels stiff or inflexible

  • Creativity feels blocked

  • Low back pain

  • Loss of interest in sex, food, life

Sacral chakra affirmations:

"I move towards what I desire". 

"It's fun to be alive". 

"I celebrate my sexuality".

"My creativity is effortless".

"I align with the flow of my life".

Practices focused on this energy center:

  • Flowing movement practices

  • Hip rolling

  • Hip opening stretches

  • Playing just for pure fun with no agenda attached

  • Sex and conscious orgasim

Questions to gain insight on this energy center:

  • How's your sex life?

  • What makes you feel guilty?

  • How much fun are you having?

  • Is your creativity flowing these days?

  • What gets you excited lately?

  • How is your body feeling?

  • Are you clear about what you want even in simple situations like what to have for dinner or what to do when you have some unsuspected free time?

For more depth on practical applications to the chakras check out Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith.

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