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Our in-person or virtual LIVE programs offer insight, training & camaraderie to implement alignment to your awakening and self mastery through collaborative adventures. Some programs focus on reframing modern masculinity and the dance with the rising feminine. 


All programs are designed to drive your attention into the present and into your body, getting you clear about how you are showing up in your world. We help you reframe and upgrade your personal narrative, guiding you to take full ownership of your life. 


We explore together how balance, presence and strategic shifts in focus lead to reclaimed embodiment of personal power, authenticity and maximum impact. We teach and equip you with simple techniques and hands-on practices that bridge body-mind awareness, dietary building blocks, self-care, self-confidence and nature’s wisdom that can be utilized to help you operate at your highest level.


Jason and his team hold a calm space for self discovery and help illuminate areas where fierce action is required to make change, confront fear and anxiety, and see blind spots and limiting behaviors, beliefs or thought patterns to get you out of your own way.  These insights and action steps are tools to help you feel and show up more confident, clear and integrated.

Whether you join us online, for a short rock climbing and yoga day trip or a longer intensive program, you can expect  self discovery, profound connections to your peers and your body as well as a deep remembrance of your inner strength. 


Trainings & Adventures

Weekly Classes


Livestream from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!!

Get Strong Flow Yoga - 30 Minutes

5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern - Fridays 

Gentle Flow Yoga - 45 Minutes

 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern - Sundays 

My holistic yoga classes reflect a synergy of my mentors who are three of the most respected yoga teachers in Los Angeles. 


You will feel the sweet steadiness offered by Travis Eliot & Lauren Eckstrom blended with the strong assertiveness of Vytas Baskauskas mixed in with adventurous twists of my own unique flavor that has been evolving since I started teaching in 2013.


I invite you to explore reframing your relationship to discomfort and challenge into tools of strength and growth.


New to live stream yoga? These classes are done from the comfort of your home or place of choosing. Want alignment help? Keep your camera on and I can hook you up. Don't feel like being seen today? Turn off your video and still see and hear the class​ like you're in the studio.

What does it cost? 

Option 1:

Become a member for $9/week which includes unlimited zoom classes + pre-recorded videos to practice fully on your terms: First 2 weeks free.


Option 2:

Donation Model - Support the rise of the Gift Economy.


 Get the zoom links and donate when you can per class with PayPal or Venmo. Fill out your name and email above to receive the links each week and after the ball is in your court!


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