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embody Awakened Self Mastery


All programs are designed to heighten and focus your awareness as a means to drive your attention into the present, helping you get clear on what you are embodying in your life & enabling you to weather whatever storm you face.


We help you develop the emotional, mental and physical resilience required to break through perceived barriers standing between where you are and where you want to be.




Trainings & Adventures


Move your body, release stress and lean into community...

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Weekly Classes

Drop in Resilience Circles 


Dates and times are fluid but emailed weekly.

Be seen. Be heard. Be present.


This is a practice space to be more... 







A container to deepen your ability to...



Honor Your Emotions

Navigate Confrontation


Support Others


Be the man you want to be


Drop the lone wolf story...

$20/session. If you can't afford that simply pay what you can.




Livestream from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!!

Get Strong Flow Yoga - 30 Minutes

5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern - Thursdays 

Gentle Flow Yoga - 45 Minutes

 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern - Sundays 

My holistic yoga classes reflect a synergy of my mentors who are three of the most respected yoga teachers in Los Angeles. 


You will feel the sweet steadiness offered by Travis Eliot & Lauren Eckstrom blended with the strong assertiveness of Vytas Baskauskas mixed in with adventurous twists of my own unique flavor that has been evolving since I started teaching in 2013.


Explore reframing your relationship to discomfort and challenge into tools of strength and growth.


$10/class. If you can't afford that simply pay what you can. My venmo is @Art-of-waking-up


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