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This program is an ongoing self leadership and accountability immersion into a set of practices that can be used to crush your life and find new levels of success, authenticity and meaning. We model an approach of "Mature Masculinity" which aims to combat  "toxic masculinity" which is rampant globally these days. We stop trying to "go it alone", as a lone wolf and lean into a team of brothers. 


We partner with the non-profit, Remarkable Men's Practice where you will meet a variety of men in a different walks of life dedicated to their growth. You'll learn the common ground you have with each of the men and how your differences can become points of strength. We will go deep but keep it simple and to the point for a results driven experience. You will be introduced to a dashboard of 10 life domains and given tools to optimize them within the Remarkable Men's Practice lineage and broader community. 


Subscription based payment method billed monthly.

Remarkable Masculinity Circle - Monday Nights

  • These sessions run from from 4pm to 6pm PST on zoom. Our container is currently closed, but waitlist is available.  If you would like to join us when a spot opens up, send a message for an interview.

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