Our Mission
Provide a path, practices and support to embody awakened self mastery 
Our Team




"I'm passionate about helping people grow, claim their unique power, awaken their truth and integrate the change needed to feel more whole, clear, fully embodied and expressed. I help people accept themselves because I accept myself. I lead by example. I love our journey and have ventured far enough to know deeply that life is quite a great & mysterious adventure. The truth, joy and purpose we all seek to embrace can be revealed and actualized if we are willing to put in the effort. What works is playful yet disciplined self exploration with an emphasis on integration, accountability,

 and letting go".

Jason is an integrative men's trainer, rock climbing adventure guide, yoga teacher, and natural foods/supplement development expert-- training clients in Los Angeles, California. He has been rock climbing for nearly 20 years, and practicing yoga on a dedicated path of self mastery and exploration for over a decade, weaving together a variety of disciplines. Through calm steadiness he offers his passion and enthusiasm for life while providing tools and practices to catalyze and fuel his clients most authentic alignment, inward journey and outward results - whether through rock climbing, yoga, or other intensive training programs. He has helped develop sustainable supply chains for more than 30 natural products brands and emphasizes the foundational role of functional food in his trainings. His work has taken him all over the world. He shares his abundant life adventures with his wife, 2 daughters and their pitbull at their home in LA. 




Dario is an author, teacher, researcher, and international consultant. He was certified in personality assessment in 1994 and has done hands-on brain research for over a decade. In 1997, he trained in the Tavistock method of group relations and has facilitated hundreds of young adults. After 13 years teaching computing and anthropology at UCLA, Dario was named Teacher of the Year for making complex topics fun, accessible, and useful. He now heads Radiance House, a Human Resources publishing company. Dario is a student of yoga and passionate about body-mindfulness and other systems approaches to human development.