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Provide a path, practices and support to embody your ever awakening self mastery & resilience 





"I'm passionate about helping people grow, cultivate the strong resilience needed to claim & sustain their unique power, awaken their truth and integrate the change needed to feel more whole, clear, fully embodied and expressed.


I thrive at helping people accept and integrate exiled aspects of themselves because it was personally so hard for me to do it in the first place.


After years of struggling with feeling deep down that I was too weird and probably broken, that I had to repeatedly prove my worth to be "enough", and dealing with a deep sense of imposter syndrome, fear and shame, I was able to let that all go and embrace an unshakable self love and courage that is possible for everyone with good support.


I lead by example. I've grown to embrace & love our strange and often f*cked up collective human journey as well as my personal story. I have ventured far enough in my own inner work over the past 20 years to lend a hand to others, without taking myself too seriously (I'm not into the guru model).

I know deeply that life is a great & mysterious adventure to be enjoyed- even when it's really hard.


The truth, joy and purpose we all seek to embrace can be revealed and actualized if we are willing to put in the effort.


What works for me and the communities I build is playful yet disciplined self exploration with an emphasis on integration, accountability, and letting go".


Jason is an integrative resilience trainer, certified coach, rock climbing adventure guide, yoga teacher, and natural foods/supplement development expert-- training clients and building communities in Boulder, Denver and Los Angeles along with a global LIVE community.


He has been rock climbing for over 20 years, and teaching yoga on a dedicated path of self mastery and exploration for over a decade, weaving together a variety of disciplines.


Lineage & Key Influences:


Masculine Alchemy:

  • Co-leading Men's Initiation weekends since 2016 in the Remarkable Men's Practice lineage guiding hundreds of men to reclaim and connect to their masculinity with primary mentor Paul Bob Velick

  • Jason started running men's circles in 2017.


  • Teaching Holistic Flow Yoga since 2013 - primary mentors Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom and Vytas Baskauskas 



  • Mentored under Michael Stone since 2012 assisting or co-facilitating breathwork workshops in the Holotropic style developed by Stan Grof. 


Transpersonal & Integral Psychology:

  • Deep immersion into the transpersonal & Integral psychology paradigms and frameworks developed by Stan Grof (mapping the unconscious) and Ken Wilber's Integral Operating System since 2010.

Visionary Medicines:

  • Depth experience working with plant and fungal medicines since 2007.

  • Ayahuasca practice in the lineage of  Don Solon Tello through Jose Campos in Peru



Through calm steadiness he offers his passion and enthusiasm for life while providing tools and practices to catalyze and fuel his clients most authentic alignment, inward journey and outward results - whether through rock climbing, yoga, or other intensive training programs.


Jason has helped develop sustainable supply chains for more than 30 natural products brands and emphasizes the foundational role of functional food and healing plants in his trainings.


His work has taken him all over the world. He shares his abundant life adventures with his partner who is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, 2 daughters, son and their pitbull at their home in the Colorado Mountains. 

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