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A goal at Art of Waking Up is to help our community find balance, authenticity, self acceptance and clarity in their lives. Working with visionary plant medicines like ayahuasca can help cultivate those qualities when used responsibly. We collaborated to create a practical guide for responsible use of ayahuasca for non-indigenous persons with modern challenges. The guide covers key concepts related to preparation, ceremony and integration. 


"The authors of Facets of Ayahuasca have synthesized a modern guide to the ayahuasca medicine path. They have combined both a holistic and multicultural perspective on how to optimize benefit and reduce harm using both ancient and modern techniques. Their conservative approach encourages readers to do their own homework, but orients them enough to know what questions to ask. Highly recommended for anyone beginning the psychedelic medicine path"! 

--Ashley Booth, founder of the Aware Project: Rethinking Psychedelics and InnerSpace Integration


"Maybe all your friends are talking about going into the jungle for weeks at a time on psychedelic spirit journeys, and you're trying to figure out what all the fuss is about? This book will clear up a lot of misconceptions. It has a lot of clear guidance on how to prepare, what to look for in a ceremony, and what kind of experiences one can expect. If I had read this book before my first ceremony, I’d have felt a lot safer taking that first shaman's strange brew.

Maybe you already participated and you're trying to make sense of it all? The chapters describe various ways of interpreting the experience without trying to tell you “what it was” and offers substantial suggestions for how to go deeper in the comforts of home. For an experience as fantastic and mind-bending as this, that subtle difference is key. I got some food for thought, and I'm using it to inform my path forward.

Maybe you're a level 9 woke ayanaut with a black belt in plant medicine? This book might help you see your ego trap".

-Amazon reviewer


"This is a fantastic overview of the many different types of experiences and considerations that surround the drinking of ayahuasca - the authors cover the psychological, transcendental, energetic, sexual and relational transformations and changes that can occur from working with 'la medicina'. They focus on the importance of informed and educated ceremony facilitators, and the necessary precautions and boundaries involved in such an intense group dynamic. While the internet abounds with first person descriptions of ayahuasca journeys, it was nice to learn more about the different integrative practices available, and how one should ideally position ayahuasca in a larger framework of spiritual discovery and healing. I even took away some good personal insights to apply to my everyday life, with or without ayahuasca. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a conservative and well-grounded guide to a new - yet ancient - frontier".

-Amazon reviewer


"I loved reading this guide to the healing plant and it’s powers. The authors take great care to bring you a comprehensive guide whether you have partaken in ceremony or are just curious. Often times we are led into psychedelic or healing moments without proper preparation and it does a real disservice to the experience. This book helps prepare the reader for what they can expect and also emphasizes integration after the experience. That is a concept that doesn’t get talked about enough. Too often we do ourselves a disservice by not being thorough and this guide and it’s authors equip us with knowledge, tools, and wisdom".

-Amazon reviewer

Facets of Ayahuasca: A Guide to Journeys of Healing, Insight, and Growth

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