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A unique 3 month virtual men's circle (July, August, September) designed for those interested in dropping into "Mature Masculinity" that have a practice working in expanded states of consciousness via plant medince or breathwork for their growth or healing.


We will not be doing extensive journey work in session every week but come together to maximize gains in our lives through a community of brothers. 


Reframe what it means to be an awakening man in our time in our 3 month program. Learn how to be deeply grounded while powerfully connected to your source. Integrate insights from your inner journeys and implement the changes you need to make to align your body, mind and spirit. Get the training and container for reflection you need from men who understand and will keep you focused to allow you to have the greatest impact in the world and fulfil your heartfelt purpose strategically.


Integration, community accountability and implementation are vital components of awakening practices, to understand and properly actualize insights discovered in expanded states of consciousness to make tangible gains in our lives. Preparation, journey & integration are all necessary components of any complete transformational experience involving expanded states. 


Exploration within these states has impact on the totality of our being and our lives on physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual levels. Giving attention to integration offers the potential to enrich our life experience by allowing us to digest, embody and apply to our daily lives the insights and lessons learned while doing in-depth exploratory work. This intentional exploratory work in expanded states through a variety of technologies of the sacred including breath-work, movement, medicines, etc. can have maximum benefit when grounded and actualized.


Our program creates a safe, supportive, contemplative, and balanced container, that will invite spaciousness for absorbing, being with, processing and actualizing our visions that came through our access to these expanded states. 


Accepting applications now. Message for more details about how to apply.

Awakening Resilience Journey - Summer 2024

  • If you sign up and are unable to attend, credit will be issued to be used for future program.

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