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Saturday October 19, 2024 --- Boulder, Colorado


For a long time, men's role was clear and well-defined:

Provide, Protect, Lead, Support.


But as the world has changed, and gender roles have undergone a revolution, many men feel confused and uncertain about their place in the new paradigm.


Masculinity, once defined by self-responsibility, strength, courage, and perseverance, has come under attack.


We’re being told we must change. We need to be softer, gentler, less aggressive, and more in touch with our feelings.​ Yet at the same time, the challenge to "man-up" and the pressure to succeed in a fiercely competitive world is as strong as ever.


These mixed messages, and a generation of boys raised without strong role models, have left men in a crisis. We're falling behind. There's an epidemic of addiction to technology, drugs, alcohol, and porn. Suicide rates continue to rise. Too many men are living aimlessly without focus, purpose, meaning or accountability. Too many men are feeling lost, angry, isolated, lonely, and disembodied.


Now more than ever, men need brotherhood, support, and accountability. We need places to unburden our shame, feel our pain, express our fear, and reclaim our power.


Powerful men and healthy masculinity are essential to a balanced, thriving, and peaceful society. 


This "new masculine" is not a denial of our traditions, but an integration of old and new: Strong, wise, loving, tender, fierce, powerful, and creative. 


It's time for men to take responsibility for our lives, to align ourselves with our deepest truth and good intentions, and bring our gifts to the world in humility and service.


This single day event brings us together to be challenged, to learn, to grow and to engage in community as we navigate what it means to be resilient and remarkable men in our lives.

Colorado Resilience Day for Men

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