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My Why

I experienced what some psychologists call a psychotic break in 2007 when I was 20 years old. Others call this an initiation crisis or a spiritual emergence/emergency. It‘s said that mystics and mad men find themselves in the same waters but mystics learn how to swim while mad men are drowning. My journey since my unintentional initiation into that mysterious water has involved countless teachers, practices and reframing my understanding of myself and the world.

Early on I expected to drown but through a mixture of grace and practical tools picked up over the years I learned to navigate to the point where I now help others who may feel like they are struggling in their own awakening process in ways large or small. A lifeguard is required at times to just pull someone out of the water, but a swim instructor or guide is more practical in the long run.

We live in strange times and more and more people are getting the call to explore themselves on a deeper level. This deeper level tends to eventually bring us to the mysterious waters described above. Some dip their toes and go in gradually, others dive in head first. While there isn’t one right way, roadmaps can help a lot. It also helps to get a sense of where we’re at and what might need to be adjusted within in order to maintain bouancy.

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