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Creative Solutions & Quitting

When we say we are going to do something do we do it, or roll over - take a rest and give up when we feel stretched?

Much of the time when it gets hard we give up without a willingness to get creative to get to the outcome we want.

When we find the courage to generate creative solutions we not only give ourselves the gift of more confidence, but we also tap into the grit that is often required to get what we really want.

The grit developed through our resolve and creativity can carry us through times when we otherwise might drown.

How far back do you have to think to come to the last time you quit? How often are you quitting?

Why did you quit? Identifying when and WHY we typically quit will help us to see a pattern. Once we see some patterns we might see some solutions to keep going and get what we want.

Try keeping track of every time you quit in a given day or week and reflect on this.

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